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Klavier on softpedia

I was looking for it, but anyway, I was surprise to find this little piece of code somewhere I did't publish it :

It's good to see that.

that you to feed back on too ;p


kde-apps don't suck

kde-apps guys are cool, they finaly send me a valid password.Love you guys ;p sorry for my previous words (if you read me ;p)But fix your code, that will be nice. sucks

Hello evryone,

I've posted a entry on for klavier. Then I change my email address so I can check more often your comments on it. But now I cannot login on I mailed them :


I have changed the email of my account (sebt3). It has warn me that my password will be changed and mail to me. But I didn't receive any mail. But for sure my password was changed. I tryed to be mailed using the mail password function without any result. So I cannot login anymore. I still receive mail for new comment so i'm sure the my email in your database is right. Can you please help me so I can reply to users comments and fix the source broken link.
I'm realy waiting for your help !


And don't receive any answer... that a shame.

v0.3 - the icon tray

- add icon tray
- if you click on the top of the buttons letters will be capitalized
- change the "win key" face to the K logo as requested
- fix some buttons
- more character lookup
- initial internationalisation

new release v0.2

This release introduice a better looking.The code readers will be able to know what the  v0.4 surprise will be ;p

Initial release (v0.1)

This introduice the initial release of klavier.

see screenshot and download for more.

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